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Here's a small selection of Cannes Lions Live content, brought to you by our friends and partners at YouTube. Enjoy these films whenever, wherever you are and for more still, become a LIONS member.

We'd like to thank our partners for their support in helping to unpick some of the hottest topics today. Together we have created a range of content series you can binge watch in one go - from deep dives into retail and changing consumer behaviour through to what's front of mind for the world's most creative CMOs. You can also enjoy our associated content curated by our partners that enhance our Cannes Lions themes and offer deep dives into specialist subject areas. Rich, valuable, focussed, learning-based content at your fingertips. Check out some of the specialist areas here today:

Retail Revolution

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Get ready for big changes in the retail world and deep dive into what's next in commerce.

Future Consumer

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Explore shifting consumer focus, understand changing consumer behaviour in the new-normal and hear some of the top predictions around the Future Consumer.

CMOs in the Spotlight

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Top brand leaders answering the hottest questions of 2021 so far.


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Meet the women re-writing the rules of the advertising industry...

The Expert Guide to...

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Get to grips with the skills you'll need to future-proof your career and make sure you're ready for the next step of your creative journey.

The Creative Crossover

in partnership with

Top leaders from opposite fields in the industry are pitted head to head to debate some of the hottest topics of creativity in 2021.

Associate Partner - Accenture Interactive

Customer expectations have shifted dramatically over the past 18 months. Accenture spoke to 25,000 people around the world to understand the impact. Watch the videos for an exclusive look at some of the stories.

Associate Partner - Activision Blizzard Media

Discover gaming’s power as the future of entertainment and how to best utilise it for your brand.

Associate Partner - Amazon

Connection, community, and creativity: Brands, thinkers, and creatives join Amazon leaders to explore how they’re engaging audiences around the world through innovative storytelling.

Associate Partner - WPP

Inspiring people, transformative ideas and extraordinary work.

Associate Partner - Facebook

At Facebook we believe good ideas deserve to be found.

Associate Partner - MediaLink

A series of provocative, inspiring and action-oriented conversations featuring leading brands, agencies, media companies and technologists.

Associate Partner - Microsoft

Explore the future of experiences, the evolution of data and identity, the importance of inclusive marketing, and how brand purpose drives growth.

Associate Partner - P&G

Inspiration from P&G executives and special guests on Widening the Screen in the stories we tell, the storytellers who tell them and how those stories are shared in the world.

Associate Partner - WARC

The Marketing Effectiveness Hub.

Associate Partner - Whalar

What is the creator economy? Explore the world that influencers have built, and what their success means for you.

With thanks to our 2021 partners