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WPP Presents The Kitchen is for Everyone with Betty Crocker & VMLY&R

Talent: Ali Shaikh - General Mills, Dubai UAE , Kalpesh Patankar - VMLY&R

Category: Associate Partner - WPP

Betty Crocker is about more than just everyday meals and desserts; it's about a century of creating traditions. Traditions that exemplify family and community ideals. Betty Crocker is a firm believer in bringing people together and has a deep affection and respect for women. The kitchen, according to traditional Arab values, is a room reserved exclusively for women. This was in direct opposition to the brand's values. The kitchen was a space Betty Crocker could own. A brand for all, regardless of age, race, or gender, and one that truly supported gender equality. Our campaign centered on spreading the idea that the kitchen belongs to all. As a result, we questioned an outdated stereotype and sparked vital discussions about gender.

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