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WPP Presents Not Inclusive Is Exclusive - How to Design a Fairer World

Talent: Aline Santos - Unilever, Bas Korsten - Wunderman Thompson, Christina Mallon - Wunderman Thompson, Kath Swallow - Unilever

Category: Associate Partner - WPP

One in four Americans has a disability, but despite being the largest global minority community, products and experiences are not designed with this community in mind. Wunderman Thompson and Unilever want to inspire the industry to make products - and the communication around them - more accessible for all, leaving no one behind.

This talk goes behind the scenes to see how Wunderman Thompson and Unilever instilled a radically inclusive product development, design and creative process to create the world’s first deodorant for people with visual impairment and upper limb motor disabilities: Degree Inclusive.

This session covers why we need to make the world more accessible, the huge opportunities of inclusive design and our responsibility as communicators to reframe disability.

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