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Weaving Creativity and Analytics Together Seamlessly

Talent: Chris Duffey - Adobe, Ian Mackenzie - FCB/SIX, Kelsey Robinson - McKinsey & Company

Category: The Creative Crossover

Join us for an exciting new discussion series ‘Creative Crossover’ in partnership with McKinsey & Company. Data-driven creativity is the number one challenge for agencies and brand businesses this year. (LIONS State of Creativity Survey, 2021). McKinsey research shows companies that harness creativity and analytics in tandem have 2x higher growth rates than those who don’t. Creativity has always relied on the craft as much as the knowledge of the audience. As data and analytics become prevalent in every industry, treating creativity and analytics as equal partners can unlock a new wave of growth.

Through a series of challenging statements, our speakers will explore:

- How to harness analytics to drive creative output and deeper human connections

- How to deploy creativity in environments where measurements are difficult

- How analytics can fuel agile thinking to drive creativity and growth

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