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Verizon Media Presents High Performance to Hyper Creativity: Sport’s Love Affair with Emerging Technology

Talent: Fernando Alonso - Formula One, Guenever Goik - Yahoo RYOT Lab, Guru Gowrappan - Verizon Media, Joshua Gold - Yahoo RYOT Lab, Laurent Rossi - Alpine, Scott Antaya - Canon

Category: Keynotes

Technology advancements have ushered in the next era of human connection. Today, advancements like extended reality and motion capture unlocked a whole new space for creative storytelling that truly connects people with the world around them. Nowhere is this more relevant than in sports where innovation is the key to better athlete performance and a more immersive fan experience.

Through a highly cinematic display, Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan will explore the evolution of creative storytelling within Formula 1 and Rugby. Drawing on perspectives from two-time Formula 1 World Champion and Alpine F1 Driver, Fernando Alonso and other leaders in sports, we’ll showcase how tech is enabling athletes and fans alike to now hold the keys to their own experience.

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