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Unstereotype Alliance Presents Post 2020: Reclaiming Lost Ground

Talent: Aline Santos - Unilever, Carolyne Kendi - Safaricom PLC, Heide Gardner - IPG, Michelle Harrison - Kantar Public, Mitch Oliver - Mars, Incorporated

Category: Keynotes

In 2020 UN Women estimated gender equality was set back two decades by COVID-19. Gender roles in advertising regressed, and employers felt they had to 'choose' between addressing gender disparity and racism. What can we do to reclaim lost ground? What specifically does the ad industry need to focus on to claw back progress?

This candid discussion is convened by the Unstereotype Alliance and moderated by Dr. Michelle Harrison, Global CEO of Kantar Public, in conversation with:

Heide Gardner, Senior VP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, IPG

Carolyne Kendi, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, Safaricom PLC

Mitch Oliver, Global VP, Corporate Brand & Purpose, Mars, Incorporated

Aline Santos, Chief Brand Officer and Chief Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Unilever

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