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TikTok Presents Upended: How Tiktok Disrupts Commerce From the Bottom Up

Talent: Ashley Schapiro - American Eagle, Bella Hill - TikTok, Craig Brommers - American Eagle, Devon Rodriguez - TikTok, Flora Reynolds - TikTok, Katie Puris - TikTok, Kinney Edwards - TikTok, Oksana Valentelis - TikTok, Ross Farquhar - Little Moons, Soyoung Kang - eos, Thomas Wlazik - TikTok

Category: Keynotes

For years, 'viral' was a dirty word in marketing as brands tried and failed to trigger overnight success. But the organic trend has returned with such a force that is upending culture and commerce. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is a global hashtag as far as trends go from the app to IRL, triggering runs on anything, from feta cheese to luxury sneakers. Generation TikTok now has the power to change trends, make careers and sell out products in real time on a global scale. But how does a global TikTok trend start life? How does it gain traction with millions on the app? And what happens when it spills over into real life?

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