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The Pursuit and Excesses of Personalisation

Talent: Matt Eastwood - McCann Health, Jess Huang - McKinsey & Company, Marc Mathieu - Salesforce

Category: The Creative Crossover

Join us for an exciting new discussion series ‘Creative Crossover’ in partnership with McKinsey & Company. The exciting promise of hyper-personalisation is here. The pandemic sped us into a digitised future – placing a premium on creating more personal and human experiences across moments, channels, and buying stages. But as we blend powerful storytelling with personalised communication, can it go too far?

Through a series of challenging statements, our speakers will explore:

- How to move from transactional to experiential experiences

- How omnichannel marketing presents new creative challenges and opportunities for personalisation

- What tools and methods can be used to adapt creatively to the customer journey

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