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Talent: Alex Collmer - VidMob

Category: The Daily Agenda

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Today's talk is called "It's a Revolution, the Era of Intelligent Creative".

As the industry adjusts to digital marketing with less audience data, there is a quiet revolution taking place, a movement away from traditional targeting towards digital advertising’s final frontier – Intelligent Creative.

Armed with a new kind of first party data, Creative Data, brands can measure creative effectiveness by understanding how every element that is seen and heard in ads resonates with audiences. The question is no longer, “are my ads working?”, it is “why are my ads working (or not working)”? Join MIT professor Sinan Aral and VidMob founder/CEO Alex Collmer as they reveal early findings of a ground-breaking study charting the performance of 2M ads, and discover the remarkable impact creative details can have on business outcomes.

First aired: Friday 25th June

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