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Talent: Ingrid Silva - EmpowHer NY, Kim Barke, PhD, MFA - The Bloc

Category: The Daily Agenda

Every day, we have one talk to set the agenda for driving creativity at this time of need. Join the discussion by sending us your questions for the live Q&A.

Today's talk is called "Making Space: A Visual Poetry Journey".

EmpowHer NY and The Bloc reveal how from humble beginnings in Brazil you can transform the world stage through the life story of Ingrid Silva—a ballerina at the Dance Theater of Harlem. Their rich collaboration is a result of shared sense of purpose, a drive to create change, by giving space to the oppressed. In the past year, between an unprecedented healthcare crisis and a long-overdue racial awakening sparked by George Floyd's tragic death, we asked ourselves has the world changed forever? How do we as a community confront and impact racism in our pro bono projects? And, how can we empower all people looking forward?

First aired: Tuesday 22nd June

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