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The Daily Agenda - Malaria No More & dentsu

Talent: Daniël Sytsma - dentsu & Isobar, Kate Wills - Malaria No More UK, Láolú Senbanjo - Freelance

Category: The Daily Agenda

Every day, we have one talk to set the agenda for driving creativity at this time of need. Join the discussion by sending us your questions for the live Q&A.

Today's talk is called "History in the Making: End Malaria Now".

Increasingly, the creative industry needs to create complex solutions that move beyond creating temporary fame - to permanently changing human behaviour - but how do you create a global campaign that makes even governments or heads of state pay attention and take action? Some of the trickiest briefs require systemic cultural change to have any real impact, and that means the creation of a movement. One example is Malaria No More UK & Dentsu, a partnership leveraging the power of creativity and collaboration to tackle malaria, humanity’s oldest and deadliest disease. Join this session to see how art and culture were used as new tools against malaria and learn how to make more compelling, impactful and lasting change.

First aired: Thursday 24th June

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