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The Accord Group Presents The Experts Guide to Dreamwalking: Unlock your Creative Potential

Talent: Sonia Jackson Myles - The Accord Group

Category: The Expert Guide to...

If the Pandemic has taught us anything - it’s that life is too short to not live authentically. This means realising your creative potential and designing the life that you truly want to live. Only you have the power to unlock your potential in all aspects of your life. But how do you actually do that?

Join Sonia Jackson Myles as she shares what it takes to master your Dreamwalking skills and unlock your creative potential. Dreamwalking focuses on realising the infinite possibilities for your life, teaches you how to recognise and honor your Superpowers, and most importantly, gives you tangible tools to drive creativity, innovation and excellence on your own terms. It's time to design your destiny now.

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Get to grips with the skills you'll need to future-proof your career and make sure you're ready for the next step of your creative journey.

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