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Shin Murota + Daiki Kawauchi Presents Theater of the Absurd “Life In a YouTube Ad”

Talent: Shin Murota - AOI Pro. / Directors Think Tank, Daiki Kawauchi - Hakuhodo

Category: LIONS Shorts

”How to create an unskippable ad?” Now advertisers around the world are struggling with this problem. Making a film of such common problems, will gain the sympathy of advertisers gathered at the venue and unite everyone's hearts. In addition, in the current situation where advertisements are treated as an obstacle and often disliked, this film would provide an opportunity to ponder what kind of advertisements can be fulfilled. A festival that attracts advertisements from all over the world, which has become a hot topic this year, can be rephrased as a "festival of unskippable ads". Screening this film at the venue, will give you an opportunity to think about how the nominated works were made into "unskippable ads."

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