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Talent: Glenn n/a - Saylists, Jen Speirs - Rothco | Accenture Interactive, Rob Maguire - Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive, Tony Harlow - Warner Music UK, Zara Flynn - Accenture Interactive

Category: Keynotes

The tools that we have in the advertising industry have traditionally been used to accomplish relatively mundane things. But we’re in an age where these tools are far beyond these tasks. As thought leaders, we have a responsibility.

Sensing a gap in genuinely engaging tools for young people to overcome speech impediments, Rothco, Warner Music and Apple came together to conduct the largest lyrical data-analysis in history and build playlists geared towards specific problem sounds, and filled with songs serve as tools that can help young people conquer their impediment.

This presentation draws a line between our everyday tasks, the tools we all have at our disposal, and the good that can be accomplished when we look outside the brief.

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