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Reconciling Purpose and Profit

Talent: Candace Lun Plotkin - McKinsey & Company, Denise Roberson - TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, Frank Cooper III - BlackRock

Category: The Creative Crossover

Join us for an exciting new discussion series ‘Creative Crossover’ in partnership with McKinsey & Company. 77% of brand leaders believe that “authentic brand responsibility” is a business-critical or important topic in the next 12 months (LIONS State of Creativity Survey, 2021). A recent McKinsey survey across 45 countries has also shown that quality and purpose are the more important considerations for consumers when choosing new brands. However, as consumers demand more accountability from businesses, brand trust has become a key currency in the drive to capture market share.

Through a series of challenging statements, our speakers will explore:

- How to build purpose into the fabric of a company’s internal culture from leadership to employees

- How purpose drives profits and what it actually means to be a purpose-driven company

- How to bring stakeholders on board a purpose and accountability journey

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