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P&G Present Widen the Screen to Face Anything

Talent: Alyssa Carson - , Jennifer Hudson - , Madonna Badger - Badger & Winters, Stephanie Headley - P&G

Category: Associate Partner - P&G

Today, there exists a narrow representation of beauty. What is beautiful and who gets to be beautiful or not. We can use creativity to widen the definition of what is beautiful.

Stephanie Robertson, Vice President Olay with guests: Madonna Badger Principal and Chief Creative Director, Badger & Winters; Alyssa Carson, aspiring astronaut with her sights set on being the first person to go to Mars; and Jennifer Hudson, a two-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Academy Award-winning actress, and best-selling author. They will share Olay’s journey, and their personal stories, to better reflect a more expansive and inclusive definition of what is beautiful.

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