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Orange Lions - The New School Amsterdam Presents A Creative Walk Through the Human Brain

Talent: Maartje Storsbergen - Orange Lions - The New School, Nikkie Nederhorst - Orange Lions - The New School, Amber van den Berg - The New School

Category: LIONS Shorts

Creativity consists of memories, experiences, interests, characteristics, and emotions. All these elements have their own chamber in the brain. This short film zooms in on the brains of three different people, who have the same task. The film shows how people walk through the chambers in the brain, each with its color. They take an element from each room to add to their creative end product. The creative process is walked through, and will lead to three different end products, because the combination of memories, experiences, interests, characteristics, and emotions is different for everyone. In the end, it zooms out, and the three people can be seen in a room, together with their different end products. That’s how creativity works.

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