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Jonty Toosey Presents Creativity Is a Pandemic! (With No Vaccine)

Talent: Jonty Toosey - NKD

Category: LIONS Shorts

This talk is my personal creative journey through the global pandemic. I have genuinely never been so financially poor yet so creatively fulfilled. The lockdown left me with no choice but to take full advantage of this confined time and space and to attack it like a demented beast. 20years directing adverts and then this unique chance for me to explore my own creative head uncensored. Creativity definitely thrives in crisis and pressure. I will take you on a rollercoaster joyride with extracts of the short films, animations and stories I created in lockdown. My content is extremely subjective yet indelibly tattooed with the solid foundations of my beloved creative industry and the art of promotion. Enjoy the ride!

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