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Highsnobiety & Mattel Creations Present Tomorrow's Cultural Institution: The Brand

Talent: Aleali May - Aleali May, Daniel Arsham - Daniel Arsham Studio, David Fischer - Highsnobiety, Richard Dickson - Mattel

Category: Keynotes

As cultural institutions in their own right, brands of tomorrow will become curators of stories and products, incubators of next-gen creators, and museums memorializing key moments.

With Highsnobiety as its strategic and creative partner, Mattel Creations was launched as a new age brand born out of a legacy one. Our work has aimed at striking the balance between the familiar and the discoverable, while disrupting the traditional operations of the toy industry. By introducing the drop model and collaborating with emerging creators, Mattel Creations saw a transformation in its business.

Through this case study, we will share craftwork, best practices and critical decisions on defining a new brand as a cultural institution and establishing a broader brand narrative.

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