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Edelman Presents Trust Makers and Culture Creators: Building Brand Trust with IKEA

Talent: Judy John - Edelman, Richard Edelman - Edelman, Olivia Ross-Wilson - Ingka Group (IKEA Retail)

Category: Keynotes

Trust defines brands. It’s the cornerstone of both human and commercial value. Seismic global change and cultural shifts are redefining values, relationships with each other, with communities, with business, with brand. Society demands more equity, action and transparency to build new cultural relevance.

IKEA has pivoted its business to drive systemic change as a force for societal transformation, with campaigns like #BuyBackFriday to address environmental challenges and Fifty Fifty that raised awareness about gender inequality.

Judy John, Edelman’s global chief of creative, will join Olivia Ross-Wilson, global communications director, Ingka Group (IKEA Retail), alongside Richard Edelman, CEO, to discuss Edelman’s Brand Trust research, which will unlock how human behaviour and empathy drive culture, advocacy for change and most importantly, trust.

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