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Accenture Interactive Presents Life Reimagined: How Our Expectations Are Expanding

Category: Associate Partner - Accenture Interactive

After eighteen months of changed experiences, people’s expectations have expanded and will continue to do so. From the deeply personal to the very practical, meeting these new desires is not a check-in-the-box activity. Our new research found that 66% of those who have reimagined their lives now expect brands to take more responsibility in motivating them to live by their values and make them feel more relevant in the world.

For the full report on how people have reimagined their lives and what this means for brands visit

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Customer expectations have shifted dramatically over the past 18 months. Accenture spoke to 25,000 people around the world to understand the impact. Watch the videos for an exclusive look at some of the stories.

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Separated from our loved ones. A life lived through digital technology. The loss of free movement. Our new research, Life Reimagined: Mapping the motivations that matter for today’s consumers, has uncovered that over 50% of customers say th...

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