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Accenture Interactive Greater China and Snow Breweries Presents Chinese Creativity - The Culture, and E-commerce Blend

Talent: Mark Shan - Accenture Interactive Greater China, Zhaojiao Bi - Snow Breweries

Category: Retail Revolution

Different cultures are strong in different facets of advertising. Think of over the top hilarious TV ads, Thai ads come to mind. Japanese are famous for good design. In the past years, Chinese creativity has been making a mark on Ecommerce and New Retail innovations. Mark Shan, Accenture Interactive Shanghai Creative Partner and Head of Innovative Business at Let’s Twinkle together with Zhaojiao Bi, Marketing Lead and Xiaohai Hou, GM from Snow Breweries, will share learnings on how ecommerce can go beyond materialism. How the virtual and physical can seamlessly coexist. How can creativity go beyond advertising campaigns and instead create new business models for our brands?

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